Hair Services

Cut & Style $55 & up
Hair & Style personal consultation, followed by special shampoo & conditioning or mask and style.

Hair Cut Only $40 & up
Personal Consultation, shampoo, conditioning or mask and cut.

Blow Out $40 & up
Shampoo conditioning or mask and style with tools.

Men’s Hair Cut $32 & up
Personal Consultation, shampoo cut / style.

Formal Style Up-Do’s $70 & up
Personal Consultation plus hot tool styling and/or pinning the hair up to achieve your desired style.

Kids Hair

Girls Hair Cut $25 & up

With Blow Out $35 & up

Boys Wash & Cut $23 & up


Single Process (Permanent) Hair color fortifies every strand giving your hair shine, healthier looking hair and lasting color. $60 & up

Precious Natural Color $55 & up
Is Ammonia Free color with natural ingredients. Shine, Soft hair and comfort your scalp.

Color Change
Color removal or correction. Free consultation.


Full Lighten or Brighten With Highlights $120 & up

Partial Lighten or Brighten The Surface $95 & up
where the sun would naturally cause it to lighten or add a pop of color and dimension.

Ombre $120 & up
A striking contrast of tones.

Balayage $130 & up
Highlight "Free hands Painted” for Natural Look.

Texture $70 & up
Texture wave/permanet from waves to curls add body and movements.

Argan Stem Cell Treatment

First vial with Argan Tree Stem Cells capable of unleashing the beauty potential of your hair leaving it 4x times strong and healthier. $40 & up

Deep Keratin Filler

Is with Hi-Protein Complex leaves your hair fuller and bouncy. $60 & up

Keratin Treatments

Smooth Keratin $270 & up
Is a high quality composition made up of 70% protein which brings shine, hydration, and total reconstruction to the hair while reducing volume and eliminating frizz. Does not contain formaldehyde.

Botox For The Hair

This unique formula reduces frizz while making the hair shiny and smooth with natural ingredients, proteins, vitamins and amino acids. Does not contain formaldehyde. $180 & up

Hair Extensions

The dream catchers is unique hair extensions with 100% Natural Human Hair.

Gift Certificates Available