Spa Services - Massage

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Introductory massage, your choice Swedish, Deep Tissue or Pre-Natal (1 Hour $48). Receive discount as a club member in our monthly massage program.

Swedish Massage (60 min) $75

This relaxing massage is designed to reduce stress, improve blood circulation, and eliminates toxins from the body.
Deep Tissue $85
Steam Sauna (10 min.) $10

Stress Reliever (30 min.) $50

Targets Back, Neck, Shoulders and Scalp to release stress and headaches.

Head to Toe Massage (75 min.) $95

A relaxing massage that concentrates on the entire body including scalp and face. It calms the nervous system bringing you a sense of inner peace & tranquility.

Hot River Stone Massage (75 min.) $110

Softly rounded water heated stones take on a comfort inducing to ease muscle tension.

Reflexology Massage (30 min.) $50

Ancient art of massage that brings a sense of comfort and relaxation to body, and mind. Pressure point is applied on the feet or hands to release stress, eliminate toxins, and reestablish the balancing on the body.

Lymphatic Massage (1 hr.) $80

Is a powerful, natural, and effective way to flush lymphatic fluids out of the body. Lymphatic massage is the most effective natural means of addressing common post-surgical lymphedema.

Reflexology Foot Massage $50

This type of massage utilizing reflex points on the foot to induce healing.

Hot Stone Massage $110

Involve the use on specific point on your body to improve circulation and relax muscles.

Sports Massage $75

Focus on treating soft tissue aches, pain and injury.

Aromatherapy Massage (1hr.) $80

With the use of natures aromatic pure essential oils, & soft lit candles, this beneficial treatment includes a Swedish massage to induce complete relaxation, reduce stress & soothe your cares away!

Prenatal Massage (1 hr.) $75

Gentle and effective massage that relieves aching back, swollen feet and sore muscles for the mother-to-be.

Trigger Point Therapy (1 hr.) $80

This therapeutic massage targets muscle spasms in the body, and releases them through the use of direct static pressure.

Therapeutic Massage

Combination of deep tissue massage and other massage techniques to release muscle pain and tightness. Will improve range of motion and promote relaxation while easing muscle aches and pain.
30 min  $55
60 min   $80
90 min  $120

Deep Tissue Massage

A combination of acupressure & therapeutic deep pressure to melt away tension.
60 min  $90

Scalp Massage (30 min.) $45

Includes techniques such as aromatherapy or myofascial release, providing benefits to both your mind and your body.

Salt Glo (30 Min) $45

This exfoliation of the skin includes the use of sea salts, mineral salts & essential oils to improve circulation, and leaves skin feeling soft & smoother

Body Buff (30 min) $50

Gentle loofah exfoliation of the skin from head to toe, with application of nutrient-rich cream and essential oils.

Pumpkin and Orange Peel $80